Back Massager Reviews – The Top Back Massagers Analyzed

Many of us have hectic office jobs that involves a lot of sitting. Software engineers are particularly susceptible to this as their job involves many hours of continuous sitting. Keeping the body stationary in a sitting stance can give neck and back pain apart from overall health issues.

A massage parlor or spa is a great choice for sure, but very few of us have the time to visit spas and massage parlors. Not just that, visiting a massage therapist or spas can burn a hole in your pocket.
A good electric back massager can not only give you good massage and improve blood circulation but also gives you the flexibility of getting a good massage at your convenient time and place.

We have experience with dozens of massagers, initially this website was supposed to be an extensive review on every massager we could lay hands on, but then found that the visitors are most interested to find the best ones and did not seem to like reading about massagers that didn’t meet our quality test. Given below are some of the top massagers that we feel will do justice to the money spent.

back massagerThe Thumper mini pro 2 is a quality professional grade massager that is part of the famed thumper series massagers that uses the patented percussive thumper action. The massager weighs close to 3 pounds and measures 16 x 8 x 8 inches. So it is portable and relatively light in weight.

This helps it to be maneuvered easily. What would strike you immediately is the fact that the massager is relatively light but does feel wonderfully heavy and substantial on the massaged area.

There are 3 power settings that enable it to work well on both the thick and thin muscle groups. the 3 settings are devised to deliver 20, 30 and 40 thumps per second respectively. the massager has a percussive action, that means the heads of the thumper massager bounce or thump back and forth in the same manner as a massage therapists hand would.

The anatomically designed massage spheres on the thumper massager are designed to pivot vertically and can send deep penetrating waves in the massaged area which can disperse knots in the body.

How to use the Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager
Its best to start at speed 2 and place it on the sore muscle groups and park it there for about 20 seconds. Resting it on sore areas for short intervals will help relax the sore muscle groups, so its important not to simply glide over them. If you would like to massage your back you can hold the handle and massage your back over your shoulder.

You could also use it lying sideways and using you opposite hand to use it on your back. Ofcourse you can use it on your thighs, hands and legs too.

The thumper mini pro 2 is an outstanding portable massager that is perhaps the best massager within its price segment. This is the massager that is used and recommended by many chiropractors and massage therapists including yours truly. What we liked about this massager is that while it is reasonably light to hold it also has the wonderfully gritty and substantial feel on the muscle groups.

On the negative side you might feel some strain in your hands if you try to use it on your back for longer periods of time. So for that reason while this can be used effectively to self massage, it is still best used as a back massager if you have another person to use it on you.

The thumper mini pro2 is a strong therapeutic massager that goes well on the body contours. The massager is absolutely brilliant in releasing knots along the thighs, buttocks and back and I have no reservations in recommending this product wholeheartedly.

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back massagersUnlike the Thumper massager described above, the Jeanie Rub Massager has an oscillating movement rather than a thumping action. We found the Jeanie massager to be particularly good at alleviating deep seated muscular pains and improving circulation with its soothing oscillations and vibrations.

The massager itself is built solidly with quality die cast aluminum and sports premium grade vinyl pads. It has a variable speed motor that operated from 1,400 to 4600 rpm.

The Jeanie rub massager can be used on sensitive areas and also on the bony surfaces. We found that the Jeanie massager is better preferred by thin people with less muscle mass compared to a percussive massager like the Thumper massager. This massager has a more gentler kneading and oscillating type action where as the thumper has a knocking, thumping and vibrating action.

We interviewed Dr Lavonne Hill from the National College of Naprapathic medicine and she swears by the Jeanie rub massager which she claims is her favorite massager and the one that she uses in her practise every single day. This is another one of the massagers that you will find in the arsenal of many chiropractors.

The massager is very good in relieving pains due to pinched nerve or knots and is particularly good for the back, especially if you have someone to use it on you. If you intend to use it on the back yourself, you can just place it behind on the couch and lean against it. Both the Thumper massager and the Jeanie Rub Massager are brilliant massagers.

The thumper massager is preferred by people who want a more invasive and strong massage experience whilst the Jeanie Rub massager is liked by people who like to be kneaded. The Jeanie Rub massager is quite a bit heavier than the Thumper massager and perhaps less portable. You will not go wrong with either of the two top massagers and we recommend both equally.

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homedics quadroller massagerHomedics has come a long way from being just a one dimensional company manufacturing just handheld massager products to growing to become an authority in the electric and shiatsu massager category. The QRM-400H Therapist Select Quad-Roller Massaging Cushion is a top grade shiatsu cushion based massager with heat capabilities.

We have had some bad experiences with massage cushions in the past and most have design problems but this cushion pleasantly surprised us. The cushion has two separate mechanisms for the back and shoulders and this we feel is a must for any good massage cushion.

It is also height adjustable, so should fit most backs. The QRM-400H Shiatsu Massaging cushion can provide circular and kneading shiatsu massage and/or up and down roller massage.

This is the latest model and a big upgrade from the older SBM 400H model in that this massaging cushion has 4 rollers with 2 rollers on each arm whereas the previous model had just two massaging heads.

What’s more, this massager is currently priced at a discount. You can visit the product page at Quad Roller Massaging Cushion.

The cushion can work in 6 modes and can be controlled with a remote control. At its max setting this cushion is simply outstanding and the level of pressure and heat combine to give a wonderful shiatsu massage. The experience is almost as good as a professional massage at a massage parlor, not quite but pretty close.

Probably the best massaging cushion and definitely worth the price. Highly recommended.

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