Back Massager Benefits

In my opinion every family must have a good massager, some of the benefits are too obvious to pass up, it can promote the general well-being of the family.

It has been scientifically proved that a good massage begets involuntary mechanical and relaxation responses from the body that can produce both emotional and physical benefits.

Relaxation Response
Relaxation response is brought about caring safe touches or gentle vibrations that has a calming effect on the brain and body.

This causes the blood pressure to stabilize at optimum levels that slows down the breathing rate which in turn reduces the stress hormones to truly bring about muscle and tissue relaxation.

All this causes alleviation of the hormone seotonin that is responsible for positive thoughts and emotions.

Mechanical Response
The vibrations and physical pressure involved in a good massage causes and increase in the lymph and blood circulation. This also causes normalization of muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissues that causes relief from pain and soreness and offers positive energy and general well being.

Immediate Benefits

  • The obvious benefit is ofcourse pain relief. The endorphin release irons out knots and tensions in the body and alleviates and reduces pain caused by various muscle strains and musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Massage is known to reduce anxiety in patients and the transient anxiety levels before and after massage has been clinically documented.
  • A good massage can immediately reduce blood pressure and hypertension patients can benefit greatly.
  • This is a freak one but true. A good massage is also shown to improve the computational capabilities and alertness of the brain.Electroencephalography tests have attributed this curious effect to the decreased stress hormones during a massage and right after it.
  • Better blood circulation.
  • Reduces cramps and spasms.
  • Reduces PMS symptoms in women. Helps in reducing menstrual cramps and water retention.

Long Term Benefits Of Repeated Therapy

  • Regular back massage can give long term relief from chronic back pain. Chronic body pains and restlessness are side effects of some chronic ailments like diabetes. Massagers can help the patients lead better quality of life.Some studies claim that quality of life and disease progression of HIV patients improves with good regular massage therapy, however this treatment is not scientifically supported.
  • Reduces depression and susceptibility to anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Improves mobility and stamina. Shown to reduce stiffness in chronic arthritis.
  • Better pulmonary function is noticed in some asthmatic patients.
  • Tissue regeneration in some cases. This is why even patients suffering from paralysis and muscular dystrophy are put on a strict massage regimen.
  • Reduces stretch marks and scar tissue.
  • Aromatherapy massage is shown to increase the PBL or the peripheral blood lymphocytes that results in the stimulation of the human immune system. The same effect can be achieved by using a good back massager after applying lavender or almond oil on the body.