Brookstone Shiatsu Back Massager with heat

Brookstone shiatsu back massager with heatWhenever I would try to massage myself with my own hands, I find it difficult to reach the tricky places. Good thing there are electric massagers that I can use. They definitely made it possible for me to massage those hard to reach places.

But sometimes, it gets really awkward. Like when I have to hold the electric massager over my back, I have to stretch my arms, and I have to be in such a position for quite a while, which strains my arm muscles.

I wanted something that can just drape over my shoulders or put on my back and have a soothing massage without my hands and arms getting tired. I wanted to do a massage on myself with my hands free. I really wanted something that I can use, without me holding on to it for dear life. Sounds implausible, right?

The Brookstone Shiatsu Back Massager with heat is designed in such a way that one can have a massage on hard to reach places like the back, the neck, and between the shoulder blades without having to hold on to the massager.

The unique strap design lets the user have a massage on virtually any part of the body with ease.  It can be lowered, or raised to reach the right spots. When you use it, you won’t have to do awkward arm positions that may be uncomfortable. You can use it while relaxing in front of the TV, or while typing on your computer. But of course, if you want to have a stronger shiatsu massage, you can pull on the straps for more force so that the nodes will be pressed more on the target areas.

Like most electric massagers, the Brookstone Shiatsu Back Massager has selectable heat which adds to your muscles relaxation and comfort. The heating element not only warms the muscles but it also improves blood circulation which prevents additional strain.

It also has two massage modes. You can choose a single-direction massage or the auto-reverse mode. And the best part, it has 8 deep-kneading massage nodes which can absolutely soothe those tired aching muscles. The deep-kneading massage nodes are based on the principles of Shiatsu, a Japanese massage technique that utilizes penetrating circular kneading motions on targeted points to help relieve sore, tight muscles and release tension.

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All in all, the Brookstone Shiatsu Back Massager with heat is a very versatile product and can provide an awesome shiatsu massage. The only drawback is that it has to remain plugged into an AC socket, and the cord is just about 3-4 feet long so the places where you can use it is quite limited.

Just reminder, when using this massager, make sure that you are not wearing neckties, jewelry, or scarves. The massager can get caught up in them or damage them. For best results, remove them all before using the massager and just wear a comfortable shirt. If you are sporting a long hair, it’s best that you tie it up so it won’t get in the way.

Those with medical condition such as diabetes, or those who are pregnant, and wearing pacemakers should consult their doctors first before using the unit at home.