Earthlite Massage Chair Review

earthlite massage chairI love having massages so I was really excited when I was given a chance to try the Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair. This chair is probably one of the lightest massage chairs out in the market today. Weighing only 15 lbs, one can carry it just about anywhere. This is really perfect for massage therapists who offer onsite massage services.

Because of the chair’s portability, massages can be performed in any environment or setting like business offices, conferences, and even corporate events. And even though the chair is lightweight, it’s sturdy enough to withstand a person weighing 200 pounds or more. I’m a big guy and the chair held up nicely to my weight.

I also asked some friends of mine who are larger than me and the chair was able to withstand the load. There was no shaking or any instability. All thanks to its innovative oval tube, aircraft aluminum frame design.

I wasn’t able to test it with someone who weighs about 300 pounds, which is the chair’s limit, because aside from the fact that I don’t know anyone who weighs that much, I don’t want to risk damaging the chair or injuring someone in the process.

One thing I also like about this chair is that it’s so easy to set-up and take down. There’s really no hassle when putting it back inside the bag. For people like me who are a bit lazy when it comes to packing equipment, the Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair is a heaven sent.

It’s relatively small, just having a dimension of 29 x 19 x 51 inches. You can have it sitting around in the room for it doesn’t take that much space. Or you can pack it up and set it aside, and put it inside the cabinet. And when you need to bring it somewhere, just take the bag and go. The package includes a sternum pad and soft carry case to protect the chair so you don’t have to worry about the handling.

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I think the best feature of the Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair, aside from being ultra compact, is its ergonomic design and adjustable features. The face cradle, the chest cushioning, the arm rests, and the seat can be adjusted. The user can adjust the angle and the height to which he is most comfortable.

Everything, from the shape of the seat, to the arm rests are all expertly designed for maximum support and comfort, not to mention optimal weight distribution. This allows easy access to the back, head and shoulders of the person being massaged, as well as other target areas like the arms and hands.

To sum it up, I was really satisfied with this product. I think that massage therapists and sport therapists should have this in this arsenal because when it comes to simplicity, usability, and strength, the Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair surely delivers.