How to use back massagers

In the relaxed state muscle cells are long and narrow and under stressful situations they contract and become shorter and thicker. Once the strainful period is over they are expected to go back to their relaxed state but sometimes quite a few of these muscle cells only relax partially which results in thicker loosened cells that can cause pain as they press against nerves.

This my friends causes back strains and knots resulting in discomfort and pain. A vibrating or percussion massager exerts force on the muscle tissues that creates what we call ‘microscopic pulling’ that helps the constricted muscle cells to return to relaxed state which in turn relieves pressure on the neighboring nerves thereby providing pain relief.

A good back massager can help reduce back pains, whether its due to posture problems, ligament strain, scar tissue or from a sports injury. Let me show you how you can use a percussive massager like the Thumper Massager to lessen back pain naturally.

  • Use your right hand(or stronger hand) to hold the massager and sling it over your left shoulder to reach your back. Allow the massager to vibrate over the sore areas and gently glide over it. When you find a particularly sore area let the massager rest for about 5-10 minutes. The vibrations will relieve knots by improving blood circulation. Nest spread out the vibrations on the body by using it on the base of the neck and on the shoulders. You may experience some numbness after the massage but when it wears away you will find that your back pains have eased away.
  • You can also get someone else use the massager on you, this way you can get maximum reach all over your back. You can also have sesame oil applied on your back before using the percussive back massager which could improve the massage experience.

Back Massager and Kidney Stones

Low frequency vibrations have shown to loosen and break up kidney stones. Hence a good back massager or handheld percussive massager can help in doing the same. Hold the back massager over the kidney area and let the vibrations flow through the area. After resting it for about 10 minutes glide around the area for a bit. The massager has to be be placed gently on the skin without applying too much pressure. This can be done 5 to 6 times a day.

This advice is not intended to replace the physicians advice, but only mentioned for educational purposes. It is imperative to get the physicians advice before proceeding to try this.