How Vibrating Massagers Work?

Many of the vibrating massagers work using the principle of centripetal force. An unbalanced weight is rotated around an axis that is not inline with the center of axis thus creating a significant centripetal force.

Now this force follows the weight around as it makes fast 360 degree rotations causing repeated directional cycles of centripetal force which feels like high frequency vibrations.

The frequency of vibrations is directly proportional to the number of times the weight is slung around the axis within the massager.

Modern electrical back massagers build on this principle and take it further. For example, the thumper massager has a thumping action apart from the usual vibrations to give extra impact and relief.

How Vibrating Massagers Relieve Back Strains

In the relaxed state muscle cells are long and narrow and under stressful situations they contract and become shorter and thicker.

Once the strainful period is over they are expected to go back to their relaxed state but sometimes quite a few of these muscle cells only relax partially which results in thicker loosened cells that can cause pain as they press against nerves.

This my friends cause back strains and knots resulting in discomfort and pain. A vibrating or percussion massager exerts force on the muscle tissues that creates what we call ‘microscopic pulling’ that helps the constricted muscle cells to return to relaxed state which in turn relieves pressure on the neighboring nerves thereby providing pain relief.